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Mission accomplished

Posted by the Editor on February 26, 2010

ForUm Alternative
is no longer

With the departure of Viktor Yushchenko from office this site will no longer be updated.

ForUm once was one of the leading English news discussion sites on the web. It’s main goal was to promote Yushchenko not public discussion.

The likes of Thomas Martinez Jr (Florida) , Gene Nelson (USA) and Peter Crosby (UK) killed it off.  Supported by a group of neo fascist such as Nestor, Odessa, Terry Hallman (Aka US Expat) and others, the site no longer provides open discussion on political issues.

The quality of news services and information is in serious decline.  Anyone who expressed an opposing point of view was subjected to abuse, insults and harassment.

When that failed to silence their critics the moderators banned them – in many circumstances without reason or justification.

In a true Lord of the Flies fashion, when Yulia Tymoshenko fell out with Victor Yushchenk,o Thomas Martinez came under just criticism as he began to turn on those he previously called friends.  He started directing his abuse at Gene Nelson who finally woke-up  to the fact that Yushchenko was the problem not the solution.  Martinez, having destroyed the English ForUm, took his gang of neo fascist thugs and set up his own web site where only those who share his political point of view are entitled to participate in open discussion. Without Yushchenko in office they have no hero to promote.

Kyiv post has rightly assumed the mantel of Ukraine’s leading English news source and public forum.

Changes to the format of Kyiv Post which has moved from being a weekly local publication to a National daily news service has provided the English speaking expats with a better service, more information and in depth unbiased discussion on Ukraine.  It is fulfilling the task that once ForUm provided but better.

Martinez and his gang tried to suppress and impose a culture of censorship over Kyiv post.  They tried the same tactic of harassment and intimidation they applied to ForUm and Ukrainska Pravda,  thankfully their efforts have failed. Kyiv post today is a vibrant and well sourced news service for the expat community without undue censorship and efforts to prevent open public discussion.

We highly recommend that those seeking to obtain news and information on Ukraine logon to Kyiv Post web site.

Free Speech is the essence of any democratic nation.

In memory of Anita, Angela,  Free Speech, Green tea, Pysar, Vic, and all the others who were discriminated against by the moderators. Moderators who were elected in fraudulent elections and who failed to provide natural justice or fairness to others.   We have achieved our goals and provided an alternative.  Now that Forum is virtually no longer, hardly rates on Google “Ukraine” searches and is on its last legs, (News is hardly reported and discussion is thin on content or substance) – this alternative forum thankfully is no longer required.

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Thomas Martinez Jr. , unjustly bans another user who opposes his political point of view

Posted by the Editor on September 26, 2008

FORUM’s Fascist and corrupt moderator Tom Martinez has banned another user who opposes his political point of view from participating

“Vic”, from Australia, has now joined a list of notable and well informed participants who all have been unjustly banned by Thomas Martinez Jr.


Just a short note to let you know that Tom has banned me from Forum

I can’t help feeling that it was not only his decision but I am sure there are many cohorts of his on the forum. They just applied the ban – talk about a total lack of free speech – what a joke forum is a devious club


No announcement, no valid reason, no justification. Absolute Corrupt Power. Peter Crosby, tainted by association, not consulted.

 Update: Following a string of complaints and a campaign of shaming Martinez has been forced to reinstate Vic’s posting rights. Shame he has not reinstated others all unjustly banned.

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