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US-Expat (Alias Terry Hallman) Deceased

Terry Hallman a heavy smoker and a man in ill heath died in Kharkov August 18, 2011. 

A heavy smoker and drinker his demise was expected.  His legacy being a serious of self promotion and lies.  He came to Ukraine looking for a wife which he did not find and adopted a persona of being a civil rights activist and economist. He  falsely claimed he was a close associate to Bill Clinton.  He also claimed that he was a pioneer in People Banks – Something he did not get a Nobel prize for.  A con artists, narcissist and self deluded.


Terry Hallman a vigilante, “bull in a china shop” self proclaimed “Human Rights” activist masking as a director of an International Economic Development Company illegally working in Kharkiv Ukraine  for the past five years. (No registration or work permit)

Terry Hallman

Terry Hallman claims to be a successful director of an International Economics development Company (People Centered Economic Development) operating in Ukraine.  In reality he is a reject from the US Peace Corps living in Kharkov on a $300 a month allowance provided by his partner Jeff Mowatt. He has no economic qualifications and is renowned for having a substance abuse problem. More reports on his activities at Exposed.

Tomas Martinez has seen though him and in a recent spat between Hallman and Tom:

Re: it is time to say goodbye
Posted by: Tom (IP Logged) • Posts: 15494
Date: November 20, 2009 03:04PM

Tom, you and Gene aren’t here in Ukraine. You rarely even visit. You barely know what you’re talking about most of the time. Neither of you have any real commitments to, or investment in, Ukraine.

Because you live in Ukraine makes you more of an authority on Ukraine?

Tell us about your (Hallman’s) accomplishments in Ukraine with children that’s been documented in the media showing that you were involved. We don’t want to hear about it, we want to see documented facts.

I’ve known you since 2003, and have never ever questioned your authority on children. But at the same time, I’ve never seen any solid facts of your work with them. I know many others in this forum have thought of the same, but were afraid to question you.

The only one that called you out was Klappa. (Not true many others before him were not so blind as to see the facts which speak for them self – ed.) Seeming you say I know absolutely nothing about Ukraine, and shouldn’t be involved in Ukraine, then show us about what you so much talk about. I’m not going to be another Klappa and hound you about this, because half the crap you talk about I don’t believe. We’ve met personally and recall how paranoid you were around people you didn’t know, and so did others. But don’t’ worry or get paranoid about me because what you have to offer to this forum like myself in this any other forum is limited because we’re not Ukrainians. You’re absolutely correct.

I’m not going to bother debating with you. I gave up the hippie days long time ago. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time on you reply.

It’s time to get out of your padded room. I won’t reply.

Bride Hunter

Terry Hallman first visited Russia in 1998 whilst on a quest to find a mail order bride. He met Mr Jeff Mowatt who also was looking for a wife in 2002

Those who have met him claim that he is a nothing more then a drunk and a drug abuser who is is illegally living in Ukraine having failed to find a wife.

Close Connections with US President Bill Clinton and supported by US Aid

Mr Hallman claims he is a close personal associate of US President Bill Clinton and is sponsored by USAid in his endeavors to float a US based Economic Development Company currently operating in Ukraine. Both Bill Clinton’s Office and USAid have denied any association with Mr Hallman)

Economic Migrant – Expelled from the UK and Russia

Terry Hallman, a  US Citizen, has now been banned from entering two countries.  He first visited Russia in 1998 on a wife hunting expedition (he is still looking). He was later told to leave Russia and has been denied entry every since.

In 2002 he met up with his business associate and partner Jeff Mowatt who invited Terry Hallman to visit the UK. On trying to re-enter the UK after a fling in the Prague both Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt were arrested and detained in Calais with Terry Hallman a US Citizen being declared an economic migrant and denied entry into the UK.

Jeff Mowatt wrote on his blog the following

I’d invited Terry to the UK where we begun developing a new strategy paper. We visited Prague with a view to setting up an operation there. On return with several weeks left on his leave to enter and me a UK subject we we detained by immigration at Calais who had concluded that Terry was an economic migrant and no longer welcome. We were both removed from immigration (sic) in the back of a French police van, held in a cell while papers were checked and released, for me to find a taxi and ferry home.

Ukrainian Visa

Terry Hallman has since been hiding out in Ukraine. Terry has been “working” in Ukraine without a visa or permission to work in Ukraine. His latest “Business” visa was issued in Moldova where he had presented documents by his own “company” inviting himself to visit Ukraine. (Something that is expressly forbidden under Ukraine immigration guidelines). Ukraine has since tightened up on its visa requirements and Terry Hallman would soon have to leave Ukraine at which time if he reenters Ukraine again his documentation will be checked for conformity with Ukraine’s immigration laws.

Death Camps for Children

Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt’s as part of their strategy to promote the new business which they claim will generate millions of dollars which they will then use to help fund Ukrainian Orphanages.   In order to generate publicity Mr Hallman refereed to Ukrainian Orphanages as being “Death camps for children” implying that Ukrainian authorities and welfare workers were engaged in a deliberate policy of genocide and mass murder of unwanted children” A claim that has not been substantiated and has been considered as being reckless and irresponsible causing more damage the  a bull in a china shop. (Little wonder why not one accredited welfare agency has supported their opinion).

Independent investigation

A number of people have  independently investigated Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt’s claims of success and came to the unanimous conclusion that  his organization was a sham, dubious at best, and that none of his allegations could be independently substantiated. when challenged by Pro-Human, a German based welfare organization,  Mr Hallman, backed by a few of his associates, embarked on a campaign of abuse and avoidance.

Another more telling review is the extract from a discussion between Mr Mowatt and others on  public forum about Ukraine.  A couple of the contributors who have considerable experience in doing business in Ukraine reviewed the various claims made by Mr Mowatt and Hallman and their findings were, with no surprise, the same as others who undertook basic due diligence and review of their claimed  corporate successes.

Political operative inside Ukraine

Mr Hallman is also the English moderator of the Maidan web site where any challenges to his numerous published articles on that site never see the light of the terminal display.

Narcissism and other psychological disorders

Terry Hallman appears to suffer from  serious infliction of Narcissism.  Most of what Mr Hallman has to say needs to be taken with a lot of salt ad willingness to suspend disbelief in in the paranormal or pure fantasy.

Threats and acts of intimidation against his detractors

Mr Hallman has consistently attacked anyone who dares to criticize or question his involvement or business activities in Ukraine.

His most recent abuse and act of intimidation was directed at Jacob Smith (a.k.a. Klapa who is a resident of North Carolina). As in previous cases Mr Hallman, backed up by Mr Mowatt published, personal information and contact details as a means of direct intimidation and threatening behavior. His posts have been since been removed but in spite his consistent abuse and breaches of the forum’s guidelines has never been banned. (Meanwhile others who have been less offensive yet hold a differing political opinion have been banned outright and denied the right of participation) Mr Hallman is protected and granted immunity by Peter Crosby the sole remaining moderator elected in a shame of an election in 2006.

Detailed profile

A more detailed profile of  Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt (including copies of the recent abusive attack on Klapa) can be found here

Extract from social networking site on Ukraine.

This post is in repsonce to Jeff Mowatt’s War Story and outlines the findings of an independent review of Jeff Mowatt and Terry Hallmans

Re: Now for a real war story
« Reply #30 on: July 04, 2007, 11:49:41 AM »

Jeff, I didn’t take your detractor at his word. I checked things out and everything he claimed did check out while nothing you claim does. No matter his source or his motivation, he’s right on the money. You didn’t provide a single reference for any of your claims, even when asked specifically.

Your claim that you have never solicited donations is an outright lie. In your own documents you mention seeking funding by various government programs or charitable sources. You and Terry have no funds, and certainly not enough to fund the project you propose, which I think you stated would require somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.1 billion. You’re just a couple of scam artists trying to sucker anyone in that you can by appealing to their soft side using the specter of child death camps or poor starving Tatars.

As far as real indepth knowledge of Ukraine, it doesn’t take much to see through your lies, and those of us who actually live there are perfectly willing to go one on one with you in a debate on the “real” Ukraine.

8 Responses to “US-Expat (Alias Terry Hallman) Deceased”

  1. Anonymous said

    Terry is a chain smoker and he has also been reported as having a severe problem with alcohol and drug abuse whilst in Ukraine. Drinking volumes of vodka at all hours of the day and night and asking his translators (He does not speak Russian or Ukrainian even after 10 years living in the region) to help procure Marijuana/cannabis and other illegal substances.

    This explains much of his mood swings and irrational behavior.

  2. Alex said

    I’ve been his interpreter for a year i guess, back in 2005

  3. louise said

    they are still trying to get ukraine residency. still pushing their ‘successes’ in ukraine and russia on all websites. they discredit all groups doing real work for children in region.

  4. Terry's ashamed aunt from North Carolina said

    Well, well, well Terry. What have you done now? Looks to me like the Ukraine doesn’t want you son. And no, Terry never knew Former President Bill Clinton. He’ll say something like “how do YOU know?” Well, I’m your aunt and I know. You don’t know anyone of any importance in the United States except your family and we’re just plain country folk, just like YOU. Just average, ordinary, middle class working people.

    What is wrong with Terry you all is that he’s extremely smart BUT he doesn’t use his brain for GOOD. Like a master jewel thief. VERY good at what he does but that doesn’t make it RIGHT.

    Someone said before that Terry is paranoid. I believe that may be the case. He IS frightening, even to us, his family. He calls his 79 year old mother, a perfect Christian woman, yelling at her to send him money for one thing or another. All lies we’ve learned. He called his baby sister, who ADORED their father on the day of his death and begun telling her how HAPPY he was that their father was dead. She disowned him that day. He gave his father a penny on his and his mother’s 50th anniversary and said,”Here. This is all I have and it’s all you’re worth to me.”

    This is how he treats his own flesh and blood. Why would you ever think he would care about helping anyone else? He is a con man and a liar. He wouldn’t WORK in a pie factory tasting pies. As a matter of fact, as long as he’s been alive, nearly 59 years now, I don’t think he’s held down a job for more than a few consecutive weeks, and THEN only to get enough money to return to your lovely country.

    Well God bless you all and for your own sakes, just disregard any of his rants and raves and craziness. He’s, as his family says, the stupidest smart person on earth.

  5. Sad Relative said

    Sad but all true

  6. (name of author removed by their request) said

    I am so sorry Uncle Terry took his last breath yesterday but at the same time our family will be at ease. We are all so ashamed that such an intelligent man has hurt so many with harsh words and narcissism. He abandoned his country, government, and family. Con artist is putting it too lightly in my book. Well R.I.P. ExPat.

  7. no name said

    I think about you a lot. I wonder what happened to the brother I knew.You was such a huge threat to your mother who loved you unconditionally and would have done anything to help you. You knew that and you played her like a well tuned piano.The 3 siblings here at home had to stay on our toes constantly to protect our mother from you. I’m hoping and praying that God didn’t give up on you, that you heard his call to salvation before your soul left your body. For mom’s sake, I hope you answered that call. R.I.P. Terry

  8. the Editor said

    Thanks you for your insights and memorial of US Expat.

    He was a lost soul and deliberately sought to mislead not only others but himself. This was the nature of his psychological illness.

    Sadly his ex-business Partner Jeff Mowatt continues to pump the internet misleading many people, either he himself is part of the scam or he is extremely gullible and misguided.

    It is telling that those that knew him the best, his own family, have given testament to his demented and troubled soul in the hope that he finds peace. They more then anyone had to endure his state of mind and personal attacks. RIP

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