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Ukrainian cities join Covenant of Mayors

Posted by the Editor on January 24, 2014

News / 24 January 2014 | 16:58

Ukrainian cities join Covenant of Mayors

Ukrainian cities join Covenant of Mayors

Under the Covenant of Mayors founded by European Union, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing-Communal Services of Ukraine signed the Cooperation Covenant with Directorate General of European Commission for Energy. The Ministry of Regional Development was a national project coordinator, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
“The implementation of the EU project Covenant of Mayors in Ukraine will enhance the regional opportunities on introduction of the best practices of the energy-saving technology and getting the technical assistance,” said Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Vilkul. 
The Covenant of Mayors was established by the European Union in 2008. It addresses the energy challenges of the European communities and climate issues of the mankind. To date, the Covenant involves over 4,000 local and regional authorities. They committed to improve the energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy sources in their areas.
Following these commitments, the signatories of the Covenant intend to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere in their territory (by 2020, by at least 20%), thus improving the environment and quality of life. This is stated in the program.


One Response to “Ukrainian cities join Covenant of Mayors”

  1. Doctor Qi said

    Ukrainian leadership did not lose its vision for healthy and economically thriving Ukraine – they never had it. It is ruled by enormous personal greed and total disregard for everyone and anything that stands in its way. Anyone in position of power or leadership could be compared to a drowning swimmer – they try to save themselves at all costs and my any means, even if someone else should be drowned as well. Saving oneself in Ukraine, means appropriation, by any means, of as much property and money as possible, and getting out of the country. If getting out of the country is not immediately possible, then relatives and money are exported out of country.
    Wake up Ukraine – the bells are ringing and the fires are burning. The time has come to pay the price for falsehood, with which you tormented your people and disregarded everything that is true and right. You know who you are. Measure for measure shall you be repaid – for all good things and bad.

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