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Victor Yushchenko critisized the work of local authorities

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 17:20

Victor Yushchenko critisized the work of local authorities

The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko pointed to the fact that the work of regional Ministry’s of Internal Affairs structures, customs-houses and bodies of State tax service did not become better during last months.

The head of the state sent telegrams to these structures and charged them with a row of tasks, which should be accomplished and reported till July 15.

In particular, he paid attention to the fact that there are no action plans concerning extermination of economic crimes, bribery and corruption in local authorities system. It is also needed to investigate the violation of voters’ rights during last presidential elections, to strengthen the principles of staff hiring, to change the activity of State auto inspection divisions, which returned to bribery practice.

Addressing the heads of regional customs-houses, Yushchenko asks to pay attention to "improvement of moral climate of staff work," extermination of bribery and corruption and hiring of "honest and moral" professionals.

The president underlined that it turned out that the new local authorities did not manage to discharge their obligations.



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CPC officials meet Ukrainian delegation of Communists

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 16:50

CPC officials meet Ukrainian delegation of Communists

He Guoqiang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, met here Thursday with Petro Symonenko, first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, and his delegation, China View reported.

He, also a member of the Secretariat and head of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, exchanged views with Symonenko on how to deepen party relations and promote bilateral ties.


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Ukraine-Poland Forum has begun in Gdansk

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 16:21

Ukraine-Poland Forum has begun in Gdansk

Two important events are going on in Poland. The first one is VIII Economic Forum Ukraine-Poland. The second one is The Fourth Meeting of the Heads of Ukrainian and Polish Regions. The presidents of two countries take part in the meetings.

It is planned that Viktor Yushchenko and Alexander Kvanevsky will take the floor in the meetings. The presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Polish Andrey Orendarsky and Ukrainian Sergey Skripchenko, the representatives of the business circles will make a speech, UNIAN reported.

The target of the Forum is to make plans and determine the prospects of the development of business relations between two countries.


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July 4-5 will be the days of hard work for Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 15:40

July 4-5 will be the days of hard work for Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Today, speaking out in the briefing, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press-service, Dmitry Svistkov, reported that July 4-5 will be the days of hard work for his ministry. The ministry will conduct lots of meetings and negotiations with the representatives of different countries.

On July 4-5, the Extraordinary Representative of OSCE chairman on struggle against human trafficking, Helga Conrad, will visit Ukraine. The target of the mission is the participation in the round-table meeting "The Activity and Cooperation of National Coordinators on Struggle with Human Trafficking: The Best Experience." The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs is an organizer of the meeting. Helga Conrad is to establish relations with the official representatives of Ukraine in order to develop strategy of fight with the human trafficking. She will meet with vice-premier on humanitarian questions, Mykola Tomenko, the secretary of National security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the ministers and the deputies of Ministries for Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Labour and Social Policy, Sport and Youth Affairs.

On July 5, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Dermot Ahern, will visit Ukraine. It will be the first time Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs sends its representatives to Ukraine.

He is to meet with Viktor Yushchenko, the speaker of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Volodymir Litvin and the minister of foreign affairs, Borys Tarasuk.

The next issues will be under discussion: the mutual relations in the political, economical, humanitarian, scientific, technical and legal spheres. Also they will discuss the point of UNO reformation. During the meeting, the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding and High-Level Political Consultations will be signed by the Irish and Ukrainian ministers.

In the same day, Ukrainian and Turkish heads of the consultation departments will discuss the liberation of visa-regime between two countries. It will be planned to introduce nonexpendable visas for the entrepreneurs for 5 years, professional drivers for 2 years, some categories of the citizens for 5 years free of consular fees.

Then the delegations of European Commission and Ukraine will continue the work on the text of Agreement on Expel of the Illegal Immigrants. The previous round of the negotiations was conducted in Brussels on April 20-21.

Svistkov reported that there were signed 12 agreements on expel of illegal immigrants with Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey. Ukraine and Russia cooperates on the text of the agreement concerning the persons illegally living in Russia. The same projects with 15 countries are still in the progress.

On July 4, Ukrainian-Finish negotiations of experts’ level will take place in Kiev. The issues under discussions will be the following: the state and aspects of mutual relationship in the consular sphere and the possibilities to liberate of visa-regime.



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Yushchenko has been interrogated in General Office of Public Prosecutor

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 15:20

Yushchenko has been interrogated in General Office of Public Prosecutor

Last week the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko gave testimonies concerning the case of his poisoning. The prosecutor general and the chief of investigative department Alexander Kunitsin interrogated Yushchenko during five hours.

The president answered all questions. GOPP hopes that Yushchenko’s answers will help to fasten the detecting of this case, "Tribune" reported.

We remind, the Austrian hospital "Rudolfinerhaus" diagnosed "acute pancreatic abscess" caused by toxin poisoning.


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World Bank rehabilitates Ukrainian hydropower plants

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 14:22

World Bank rehabilitates Ukrainian hydropower plants

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors has authorized US$106M loan for the Hydropower Rehabilitation project in Ukraine, Water Power reported.

The project will include rehabilitation of roughly 70 hydroelectric units at nine hydro power plants built over 30 years ago. The aim is to increase hydroelectric production by 360Gwh/yr, boost hydro power capacity by 250MW and reduce emissions from thermal power plants.

The loan will be at the Bank’s standard interest rate for LIBOR-based single-currency dollar loans; it has a grace period of is six years and is repayable in 18 years. The loan builds on the previous Hydropower Rehabilitation and System Control project, which was successfully completed in 2002.

"The objective… is to improve the security, reliability and quality of energy supply. This will facilitate smooth operation of the energy market both domestically and internationally," said Dejan Ostojic, Programme Team Leader.

The Bank says this is the first of a series of projects planned to support its long-term Energy Sector Reform and Development programme in the Eastern European country.


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Grigory Surkis to open Euroseason in Monaco

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 13:01

Grigory Surkis to open Euroseason in Monaco

The president of Football Federation of Ukraine and the member of UEFA Executive Committee, Grigory Surkis, has been invited to the opening ceremony of Euroseason in Monaco. The opening of the new season of European club competitions is planned to be held on August 25.

Every new season UEFA starts with awarding, gala-concert and sortition of two main clun competitions of Old World, the press-service of FFU reported to ForUm.

The next day UEFA Super Cup between "Liverpool" (England) and CSKA (Russia, Moscow) will take place on Kingdom’s arena, stadium "Louie II."

Grigory Surkis has been invited by UEFA President Lennart Johansson. Surkis will take part in all UEFA actions as an honorary guest.


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Theatre of Russian Drama never damaged the state

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 12:40

Theatre of Russian Drama never damaged the state

The last revision has been finished in Theatre of Russian Drama in the name of Lesia Ukrainka.

According to the Honoured artist of Ukraine Kiril Kashlikov, the examination was conducted by General Office of Public Prosecutor, Tax inspection and Department on struggle with economic corruption and Control-Revising Department (CRD).

CRD did not find any prove of violations in the activity of Theatre of Russian Drama.

Kashlikov also reminded that Goloseevsky district court decided that there were no financial violations in the theatre. "Theatre’s activity never damaged the state," pointed out the artist.

We remind, the minister of culture and art of Ukraine, Oxana Biloxir, reported that the general director of National academic Theatre of Russian drama in the name of Lesia Ukrainka, Mikhail Resnikovich was dismissed from his post on April 19 for gross violation of order of renting settled real estate.

On April 20 General Office of Public Prosecutor established that the director of the theatre signed a contract with a bogus company of tenancy with a right of privatization of a three-storey theatre dormitory for the period of 25 years, not having got a permit for transfer. The criminal case had been instituted.


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