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Election Platforms of PoR, OU-PSD, BYuT

Posted by the Editor on August 17, 2007

Blog / 17 August 2007 | 17:00

Early Parliamentary Elections-2007. Election programs of PR, OU-PSD, BYuT.



Party of Regions

Election Program

Stability and Prosperity

Citizens of Ukraine deserve worthy life and stable social prosperity.

Achievement of modern living standards must become the main national objective that unites all citizens.

We set off systematic reforms, competitiveness and effectiveness of our team, activeness and trust of people against populism of “orange” demagogues.

Our program is based on real economics opportunities, correct economic calculations and better world experience of solving social problems.

1. Social success

It is for the first time in Ukraine’s policy we propose a new state strategy of social guarantees for citizens. It will be a guarantee of social success and new civilized horizons.

Future must be born!

Family and children are the most important values, they are our future. Two or three children in the family are very rarity for today because of material problems and uncertainty.

Widely advertised by “oranges” populists one-time material help at child birth does not solve and cant solve problems of birthrate.

Ukrainian family and children need systemic and long term support – it is our method of solving this problem.

In 2008 family will get UAH 11700 for first child, UAH 25 thousand for the second one and UAH 50 thousand for each next child.

Family will receive UAH 100 each month for a child at the age of 3 up to 13 years and UAH 200 at the age of 13 up to 18 years.

Youth-confident start!

Youth will get new opportunities that will change life for the better!

We will make education more available. Not less than 50% of students will study at the budget expenses.

We guarantee scholarship to students who study in institutions of I-II accreditation rate – UAH 200 since January 2008 and UAH 400 since September 2008; institution of III-IV accreditation rate – UAH 300 since January 2008 and UAH 530 since September 2008; students-orphans will receive scholarship not less than UAH 1060.

We provide young specialists with working place, having given finance support to enterprises.

Young family will receive municipal dwelling in leasing up to 10 years term. For this time family will be able to buy its own dwelling.

Young specialists, who will work for enterprises-industrial flag-officers, will be provided with dwelling.

Social package: key for material security

We will implement complex of remuneration guaranties for honest workers. People will be able to plan their life and family budget for years ahead!

We will reform and provide significant financial resources for local budgets. First of all we will solve dwelling problem by means of land auctions and investing received money in building. Land auctions structure will be formed in 2008-2010.

Teacher, doctor, culture worker, policeman, military man (workers in budget sphere) will get key from a flat on condition of labour agreement for 20 years. In ten years it will be possible to buy this dwelling for 50% of its cost, in 15 years – for 25% and in 200 years this dwelling will became the property of the worker.

Pension: only for your benefit!

We guarantee each pensioner pension that corresponds his job seniority, qualification and work conditions. We will support pensioners, who work, by pension and salaries payments.

Since 2009, we will provide personal accumulative accounts for pension payments. Every worker will be able to control his personal pension account. We will overcome obstacles on the way to private pension provision development.

Healthy society!

We guarantee qualified free medical support for low-income people.

Funds of private investors will be aimed at development of medical insurance, modern medical technologies, new equipment and creation of new main funds.

Using mechanism of financial leasing, we will provide hospitals with necessary medical equipment in 2008-2009.

Appropriate programs will contribute to healthy lifestyle; will prevent spread of AIDS, tuberculosis, drug addiction, oncology diseases.

Generous land-prosperous peasants!


To improve prosperity of Ukrainian peasants we will provide formation of transparent and legal land market that will guarantee minimal land rent – not less than UAH 400 for hectare per annum.

In 2008 we will complete issuing of state acts for land instead of land certificates.

Next three years will see increase of investments in development of agricultural and social sphere of villages, in particular gas, building of schools, roads.

From creation of National grain market, native agrarians will get maximum benefit and dealers will be deprived of excess profits. It will be also stipulated by creation of vegetables and fruit auctions.


Green light to enterprises!


Implementation of new Tax code will stipulate to long term business stability.

Since January 1, 2008 structures of small family business will be relieved for 5 years from taxes, fees for registration, patents and other permission documents.

Worthy perspective to Ukrainian army!

Professional army will allow to provide its technical equipment and proper fighting efficiency, ability to react to time challenges, in particular to resist terrorism threats.

There will be social protections of military men. Payments to cadets and soldiers will be increased threefold since 2008.

Allowance of officers will be not less than UAH 2 thousand per month.

We will prepare staff reserve of Armed Forces of Ukraine. New militaries will become a ground for effective system of military-pedagogical education that will form patriotism and devotion to the Motherland.

2. Ukraine – successful country!

For social success of Ukrainians we will implement political and economic reforms that will provide dynamic and effective mechanisms of market economy and contribute to establishment of consolidated democracy in Ukraine.

Reforms – way to success

Course of systemic reforms will provide stable economic growth and relieve economy from excessive state interference and care.

Industrial and scientific-technical potential is of great priority.

We stand for extensive political reforms and strengthening of parliamentary democracy in Ukraine!
Judicial reform is urgent that will provide independent justice.

Obedience of laws will decrease rate of “shadow” policy and economy and will contribute to overcoming of corruption in the society.

We defend freedom of speech and information; there are mechanisms oftransparency and social control in society.

Unity and diversity!

Local authorities must become a real ground for sovereignty of the people. It is possible through granting finance and power authorities to local authorities to implement regional and local development strategies.

We are different: North, South, East and West, but we are citizens of one country. It is a guarantee of our power and prosperity. Regions with their peculiarities and traditions make treasury of Ukraine and its originality that are necessary to be developed by mutual efforts!
We stand for Russian to obtains state language status. We need majority in the VRU for this. We adhere to statement: “Two languages – one people!”


Foreign policy: openness and good neighborhood

We stand for transparent policy and good neighboring for nonaligned status of Ukrainian foreign policy arena.

Issue on Ukraine’s accedence into NATO can be solved only through national referendum.

Membership in EU and WTO is not an end itself but means of increase of citizens prosperity and growth of native economy, science, education.

We will provide balanced foreign policy where Eastern (Russia and Eastern countries) and Western (EU countries and the USA) courses will be equally significant.

We pay much attention to Ukraine’s participation in Common Economic Area that gives possibility for mutual goods, capitals and services exchange on Eurasian market.











Election program

“Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc:

“For people – not for politicians!”


During presidential elections 2004 Ukrainian people got right to have fair and professional power that cares for needs of every citizen. Today we are being deprived of this right.

During this year the governing coalition in the VRU has shown its corruptiveness and inability to serve the people. Chaos and injustice, prices and tariffs hike, pressure on entrepreneurs and looting of state funds is a verdict for current power that took care only of itself but not of people.

President of Ukraine dismissed the VRU and appointed new elections in order to return power under citizens control.

We go to elections to renew law and to make order.

Our program is formed on dialogue with people. That’s why it is clear to everybody. It has results of President’s program fulfillment “Ten steps for people” in 2005-2006.

Governments of Viktor Yushchenko:

– increased support for family at child birth 11 times as much;

– 68% increased minimal salary;
– pension increased up to living wage;
– provided real freedom of speech;
– withdrew troops fro Iraqi;
– reduced term of military service;
– increased threefold foreign investment in Ukrainian economy.

Our strategy objective:

І. To form accountable for citizens legal state. Our power will work for people but not for politicians.

ІІ. To unite nation by means of spiritual revival. Ukrainian traditions and spiritual values will strengthen the country.

ІІІ. To implement new economic strategy. Modern technologies and personal success of everybody will guarantee Ukraine a worthy place in the world.

To achieve our objective:

1. We will lustrate power and make order:

we will:

– cancel People’s deputy immunity: the law is one for everybody;

– cancel People’s deputy benefits: free flats, holidays and treatment in elite establishments, air flights;

– form national anticorruption bureau that will check expenses of officials corresponding to their incomes;

– lustrate justice. We will introduce institution of elective world judges. We will form independent Court chamber for reconfirmation of all judges and check their incomes;

– provide financial self-sufficiency of territorial communities;

– make state and local authorities responsible, will provide public estimation of parties election promises fulfillment;

– depoliticize police, will improve material-technical position of police service;

– up to 2010 we will form professional army with modern armaments, first of all of native production.

2. We will concentrate on people’s needs:

we will:

– increase material support at first child birth up to UAH 12 thousand, second child – up to UAH 15 thousand and UAH 25 thousand for each next child.

-for family with many children monthly support will be increased up to UAH 235 for child aged under 6 and up to UAH 298 for child aged from 6 to 18 years;

– cancel pension “equality” by means of labor coefficient pension will be 35% increased; we will cancel “privilege” pension for People’s deputies and Ministers;

– minimal salary will be increased to UAH 600, average salary – UAH 2100;

– after implementation of common tariff net in 2008 salaries for workers in budget sphere will be increased by 58%;

– provide fair communal tariffs. People will not pay for gas more than its extraction costs in Ukraine;

– by 2010 we will have solved problem with dwellings for militaries;

– make social dwelling more available by means of free allocation of land for mass construction.

3. We will provide competitiveness of Ukraine and protect private property:

we will:

– complete Ukraine’s accession to the WTO that will contribute to budget increase – additional UAH 25 milliard during five years. We will create free trade zone and facilitate visa regime with the EU;

– reduce energy dependence by means of new technologies, diversification of energy sources import, usage of alternative energy sources;

– in 2008 we will adopt Tax code, implement simple and clear regulations of tax payment;

– cancel corruptive schemes of VAT compensations; will facilitate administration, will reduce VAT rate to 17%;

– preserve simplified tax system for small business;

– in 2008 instead of all payments to labour fund we will implement single social contribution in amount of 20%;

-introduce fair tax for wealth and luxury that will replenish local budgets;

– introduce visa regime for people of frontier territory within transborder cooperation;

– involve investments in roads, stadiums construction, in preparation for Euro 2012.

4. We will introduce healthy life style:

We will:

– make order in health protection: provide available and qualified medicines, provide state medicine insurance;

– in 2009 “Children hospital of future” will be opened;

– stop alcoholism and smoking among children; we will forbid mass alcohol and tobacco advertising, strengthen responsibility for sale of it to children;

– form worthy conditions for invalids. We will equip city with ramps and other special equipments for disable people;

– stop destruction of parks and lawns in cities.

5. We will increase education accessibility, make education the state priority:

– knowledge will be prestigious again. We will cancel bribes during entrance the higher institutions;

– we will increase scholarship for students-orphans up to UAH 1064;

– we will provide benefits for pupils and students in intertown transport fee;

– we will initiate creation of new kindergartens, including private one. Preschool education will provide knowledge of Ukrainian language and folk traditions;

– increase of scientific researches on European level;

6. We will provide cultural and spiritual revival of Ukraine:

we will:

– protect our identity –Ukrainian language and culture, will form common informative area in the country;

– provide language and culture development of all minorities that live in Ukraine;

– twice increase financing of museums and libraries. We will support native theatre, cinema and art development;

– initiate development of native book and renew net of book circulation- every city will have bookstore by 2009;

– guarantee religion freedom and respect to people’s wish to form one orthodox church.

7. We will renew Ukrainian villages:

we will:

– provide transparent land registration and usage. We will implement criminal responsibility for damage of soil on purpose;

– simplify procedure of land privatization, will reduce tax for land inheritance for peasants;

– provide material support UAH 20000 and social dwelling for graduating students who will be working in villages at least for three years.

– teachers, doctors from villages will get 20% of their salary support monthly;

– provide medicine departments with vehicles;

– pupils will have possibility to reach school by school bus;

– up to 2010 every rural schools will have possibility to use Internet.

* * *

We are convinced that our people are worthy of European living standards.

Active civil position of everybody and real responsibility of politicians are guarantee of effective power. That’s why principle “People’s whish is law for politicians” will be a base of new Constitution that will be made by people.

Having united efforts of democratic forces under management of President, we will make order in the country and will return right for worthy life to people.







Election program

“Ukrainian Breakthrough: Towards a fair and competitive country”

We are sure that in case of democratic forces victory during early parliamentary elections on September 30, 2007 and formation of new democratic coalition, this program will become a basis of new professional Government activity. “Ukrainian Breakthrough” is a program of development and progress of the whole country. “Ukrainian Breakthrough” is the Essential law for our country.

“Ukrainian Breakthrough” is not a simple document. Our program is a program of Life and Actions. It can function and be improved only as a result of its realization. Without excessive presumption we state: “Ukrainian Breakthrough” is a milestone for the country to XXI century.

Our strategy of “Ukrainian Breakthrough” is based on fair and competitive country, on formation of justice and responsible policy.

“Ukrainian Breakthrough” foresees realization of 12 strategic stages:

– Constitutional breakthrough

It foresees national referendum concerning adoption of a new Constitution. People will make Constitution by itself, when gives answers for key questions concerning type of government, cancellation of people’s deputies benefits and immunity, expand power of regional and local government, etc.

Today we already fulfill first stage of “Ukrainian Breakthrough”. Throughout Ukraine we set our headquarters in order to collect signatures for nation referendum.

– Judicial breakthrough

The matter concerns real justice system in the country.

Besides people will elect judges, we offer to relieve judges from political, administrative and corruption influences of executive power.

It also envisages salary increase for judges, legal aid for poor citizens.

– Informative breakthrough

Any reforms are worthy nothing in case there is no independent and free mass media. That’s why third stage of “Ukrainian Breakthrough” is new informative policy of the state and the society.

It foresees creation of public broadcast television, transparency and disclosure of ownership of media interests. We propose agreement between owners of mass media outlets and journalists in order to facilitate honest editorial policy.

Every dwelling must have at least fine national TV channels

– Anticorruption breakthrough

We are a one political force who not only declared a war to corruption but made some real successes, having liquidated shadow schemes in different spheres of national economy.

It foresees: creation of special commission to analyze legislation and statutory acts to liquidate economic basis for corruption; sale of non-agricultural land by auctions; providing the parliamentary opposition with control of the Chamber of Accounts.

– Demographic breakthrough

We must provide Ukraine with such conditions for young families, as it is called in the whole world “baby-boom”. In other words country must give birth to children.

It foresees improvement of social well-fare services and payments obligatory medical insurance, increase payments for the first child in amount of UAH 10.400, UAH 15000 for the second child and UAH 25000 for each next child. Moreover it foresees increase of baby care allowances and long-term law interest loans for young families.

Demographic breakthrough is also a creation of social market of medicines, realization of “Rural doctor” program, foundation of National medical centers, return back to Ukraine citizens who work abroad.

– Intellectual breakthrough

We must protect national intellect and must export technologies but not “brains” to abroad. Ukrainian scientists must participate in world conferences but not be cheap workers. We must renew science authority. “Silicone valley” must be in Ukraine.

Intellectual breakthrough is a development of intellectual property protection, creation of effective national system of innovation development management, “Internet in every home” program, creation of qualified system of control of pupils’ knowledge.

-Transit breakthrough

Ukraine is a big transit country, potential of which is used less than by 10%.

It foresees improvement of Ukrainian roads, railways, airports, building of oil and gas pipelines.

– Business breakthrough

It envisages new Tax code. We must provide new regulations: simplification of process to set up and manage business, reduce business lending rates within European levels, liberalization of banking and insurance services market, shareholders right protection, destruction of monopoly. We propose restriction of contacts between entrepreneurs and officials.

– Energy Efficiency Breakthrough

It foresees dependence reduce on monopoly energy import, reduce of GDP energy capacity, intensification of energy policy with the EU, integration in European energy market, reduce oil and gas consumption and increase of utilization of brown coal and production of synthetic fuel.

It also envisages completion of Odesa-Brody-Plotsk pipeline and construction of gas transit pipeline linking the Caspian.

– Investment breakthrough

Today foreign investors know Ukraine as a country with one of the biggest corruption level in the world. We propose to transform Ukraine into investment heaven for investors.

We offer to facilitate land granting for long-term usage for investors for constructions of modern hi-tech enterprises, to adopt a new program on transparent privatization, to establish fair procedure for tenders, to improve conditions for investments in energy sphere, to make procedure of certification of import, to adopt a legislation in accordance with WTO practice.

Construction breakthrough

Construction development is as much important as growth of birth rate. Baby-boom and construction-boom are key factors for modern development.

We intend to provide Construction breakthrough by means of development of mortgage system and reduce of loans cost for dwelling purchase, stimulation of industrial objects, provision with social dwelling, decrease of square meter cost of industrial and housing building, land market regulations.

– Agricultural breakthrough

Despite rapid and constant urbanization Ukraine keeps being an agricultural state. Ukraine is an agricultural civilization.

Agricultural breakthrough foresees: development of agricultural infrastructure, in particular agricultural fund, market, insurance fund, land bank; creation of transparent competitive environment for Ukrainian producers and promotion of their goods on foreign markets; increase of working places in villages, to make agricultural business profitable.

Our objective and task are to set high goals and to propose pragmatic and maximum easy ways to reach them.

Interests of ordinary people are on the basis of “Ukrainian Breakthrough”. To provide people’s rights and needs we propose to refuse estimation of people’s life by means of DGP or minimal salary. In real condition this method is transformed in figures manipulation. We offer to estimate living standard on the basis of a range of indexes that characterize people’s life on the whole.

See Ukrainian version: PR, OU-PSD, BYuT

Translation: Katerina Burlak

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