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Ukrainian meat market shows stable growth

Posted by the Editor on February 7, 2014

News / 7 February 2014 | 14:48

Ukrainian meat market shows stable growth

Ukrainian meat market shows stable growth

Agricultural analysts note the growing interest of investors to development of pig farming in Ukraine, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Thus, agricultural holding BEZRK-Belgrankorm (RF) announced its plans to build a pig farm for 15,000 heads/25,000 tons annually at Belgrankorm-Poltavschina Ltd. (Poltava region). The decision was made by the Russian agricultural holding on the basis of performance of its Ukrainian subsidiary. In 2013, Poltava facilities of the Russian agricultural holding became the most profitable. Ukraine hosts three companies of the agricultural holding: Belgrankorm-Poltavschina (pig farming complex), Yasnye Zori-Poltavschina (processing plant), and Gromada-Agro (plant growing).
The profits of the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian agricultural holding from pig farming  (10.300 tons annually) was over 300 million rubles (about 8.5 million USD), taking into account compensations and subsidies provided by Ukrainian authorities. For comparison, the same profit was received by Belgorod enterprises from producing 38,400 tons of pork.
Much more extensive plans are made by Seaboard Foods Company (agricultural unit of Seaboard Corporation included in Fortune 500), the second largest pork producer in the United States. The revenue of Seaboard Foods in 2012 was over 2 billion USD annually.
Seaboard Foods intends to work with Kernel holding and build the largest pig farm in Kharkiv region.
Investors are planning to invest 600 million USD in a pig farm and 100 million USD in a meat-packing plant.



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