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NBU lowers official hryvnia rate

Posted by the Editor on February 7, 2014

News / 7 February 2014 | 10:35

NBU lowers official hryvnia rate

NBU lowers official hryvnia rate

The National Bank of Ukraine set the official hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar on Feb. 7 at 8.7080 UAH / $ 1, the press service of the NBU informs.
The previous official exchange rate of UAH 7.9930 / $ 1 kept since 9 July 2012.
The new official rate is the minimum hryvnia rate in the history of its existence.
Recently the bankers have criticized the National Bank for significant differences between the value of official and market rates, which in recent days has reached 9 UAH, and by the end of trading on Thursday stabilized at 8.88 UAH / $ 1.
NBU previously declared that the average weighted rate on the market would not differ from the official one for more than 2 %.



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