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FM: EP has biased attitude to actions of Ukrainian authorities

Posted by the Editor on February 7, 2014

News / 7 February 2014 | 12:00

FM: EP has biased attitude to actions of Ukrainian authorities

FM: EP has biased attitude to actions of Ukrainian authorities

Ukraine took into account the European Parliament’s resolution on the situation in Ukraine, approved on 6 February 2014, press office of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine informs.
The Foreign Ministry noted that the document contains a number of signals, which coincide with the approach of the government of Ukraine to settlement of the political crisis in the country, as well as the political and legal mutually acceptable compromise to resolve the crisis through peaceful dialogue, prevention of violence and ensuring respect for human rights and freedoms.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised the appeal of the European Parliament to the Maidan protesters to refrain from using force and preserve the legitimacy of their cause peacefully, and the requirement that all opposition leaders should continue to refrain from violence and support peaceful protests.
However, the Ukrainian party is disappointed with a bias in the estimates of the European Parliament of the actions of the Ukrainian authorities and with disregard for the vast majority of the constructive efforts of the Ukrainian leadership to establish trust and build a peaceful and inclusive dialogue with the opposition and civil society.
“The unbalanced character of the resolution, as well as the calls for the introduction of restrictive measures on the part of the EU does not contribute to the formation of national reconciliation and confidence-building in Ukraine,” statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine says. 
At the same time, the Ministry confirmed European foreign policy course, but expressed confidence that the Ukrainians are able to find their own way out of the political crisis through negotiations between the government, the opposition and representatives of civil society of our country.



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