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PGO: Journalist Chornovil beaten by hooligans

Posted by the Editor on February 6, 2014

News / 6 February 2014 | 15:26

PGO: Journalist Chornovil beaten by hooligans

PGO: Journalist Chornovil beaten by hooligans

Journalist Tetiana Chornovil was beaten by hooligans, deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Roman Andreev told a briefing. 
“The investigation is over. All the versions were carefully examined. The version about an attack of hooligans was confirmed,” he said, noting that this version is supported by evidence of witnesses, Tetiana herself, suspects, video recording and expertise.
Andreev reminded that among the other versions there were also commission of a crime on the order, commission of a crime in connection with professional activities.
According to Andreev, suspects in committing a crime are Serhiy Kotenko, Roman Zaliubovskii, Andriy Zinchenko, Oleksandr Khramtsov, Andriy Nasikovsky, as well as two other unidentified persons.
Furthermore, Andreev said that Zinchenko had been put on wanted list and today the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation informed that he was detained in Moscow. Now the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine started the procedure for his extradition from Russia, he said.



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