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Bondarenko: Radical groups develop in parallel with opposition

Posted by the Editor on February 6, 2014

News / 6 February 2014 | 16:17

Bondarenko: Radical groups develop in parallel with opposition

Bondarenko: Radical groups develop in parallel with opposition

Radical groups, which appeared among the activists on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, have developed in a separate political force in parallel with the existing opposition. Director of the Institute of Ukrainian Politics Kostiantyn Bondarenko told this in commentary to ForUm correspondent.
According to him, representatives of Ukrainian intellectuals begin to support radical groups.
“Intellectual environment, the creative class, begins to lean to support radicals. We observe the process of radicalization or coalescence of the creative class and radical environment,” he said.
According to Bondarenko, the opposition lost control over Maidan because it failed to meet the radically minded activists.
“The agenda changed. The moment began to dictate more drastic actions. However, opposition leaders Yatsenyuk, Klitschko and Tyahnybok correspond more to the moods of a relatively peaceful period. As a rule, the period of conflict, the period of crisis, leads to a revision of the agenda and leaders. Therefore leadership projects very often lose their ratings,” the expert said.
“So far, Maidan has not bred new leaders, although in principle the process occurs. We see that the same “Right Sector” has active new leaders as Yarosh, Tarasenko and others, who are still raw for the policy. But it’s a matter of time and resources,” Bondarenko adds.



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