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State of emergency in Crimea canceled

Posted by the Editor on February 5, 2014

News / 5 February 2014 | 13:35

State of emergency in Crimea canceled

State of emergency in Crimea canceled

Work of all life support systems has been fully restored in all settlements of the Crimea, deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Aziz Abdullayev said at the meeting of the Regional Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies on February 5, press service of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing of ARC informs.
As of morning of February 5, power supply was restored in 215 villages, which were left without electricity due to severe weather conditions. Water supply was resumed to 38 villages.
Moreover, stable operation of boiler systems, water, heat and gas supply is ensured in all the autonomy regions. 
“In this regard, state of emergency in the Crimea was canceled,” Abdullayev said.



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