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Online sales of train tickets grow

Posted by the Editor on February 5, 2014

News / 5 February 2014 | 16:10

Online sales of train tickets grow

Online sales of train tickets grow

Online train ticket sales and reservations grew by 1.6 times from January 2013 to January 2014. Thus, in January 2014 alone over 325,000 rail tickets were sold online, and for the same period in 2013 – 209,000 rail tickets. In general, 9% of rail tickets are currently sold online, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Experts say that getting tickets online at (official Ukrzaliznytsia website) is becoming increasingly popular. In January 2014 the UZ sold over 157,400 electronic tickets through its official website. For comparison, in December 2013, 114,200 electronic tickets were sold online. Thus, in one year the number of online ticket purchases grew by 1.36 times, and by 500,000 tickets since introduction of service.
The unique distinction of the UZ online service is that with online tickets you don’t need ticket offices to board the trains. Passengers have the right to travel only on the basis of self-printed electronic documents. At the same time, tickets, purchased from other systems are conventional order forms. And they must be exchanged in the ticket offices for train tickets, which in turn give you the right to travel. However,  according to the general procedure, online sales of electronic tickets are terminated one hour before the departure of the train from its point of departure.



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