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Export potential of domestic producers to be strengthened

Posted by the Editor on February 5, 2014

News / 5 February 2014 | 10:52

Export potential of domestic producers to be strengthened

Export potential of domestic producers to be strengthened

In 2014 one of the directions of the government efforts will be growing exports and protection of Ukrainian exporters from possible adverse effects on their business. An increase of state support of producers and creation of favorable conditions for their development are among the priorities, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
In the near future the government’s efforts will focus on encouragement and creation of the most favorable conditions for those investors whose projects will create higher added value and a significant number of jobs in the industrial sector. This statement was made by Vadym Kolomiets, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, during a live broadcast on the First National TV channel. In addition, the government is facing the task of developing domestic trade, encouraging public demand for domestic products, agricultural development, strengthening support of Ukrainian machine building.
Development of export potential holds a special place in the area of the government’s ??attention, according to analysts, as the situation on foreign markets is close to a recession, which deprives exports activity of solid targets. It should be mentioned that in August 2013 the government approved the Concept of creating a system of state support for Ukrainian exports in 2015, which envisions optimization of the commodity structure of exports towards increasing the share of products with high added value, as well as geographical diversification of traditional exports of Ukrainian origin. To increase the exports geography, the foreign markets potential and the demand for Ukrainian products on them are being reviewed. Currently over 200 countries are trading partners of Ukraine.



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