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Naiman: Russian loans more profitable for Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on February 4, 2014

News / 4 February 2014 | 15:24

Naiman: Russian loans more profitable for Ukraine

Naiman: Russian loans more profitable for Ukraine

Russian short-term loans are the most profitable for Ukraine, economist Eric Naiman said during a press conference “Sudden stop” in the economy,” ForUm correspondent reports.
“In short-term, the most profitable option is Russian loans. In fact, we have already taken it, we already use the money. It is sufficiently fast and efficient way. At the same time, there are no additional requirements to change the system, which is good for authorities,” he said.
In the long term, he said, the IMF loan may be beneficial, but under a number of conditions.
“If it requires changes in the system, changing the rules of the game so they would become more marketable, more equitable for all participants,” the economist said.
According to him, the previous IMF loans proceeded from purely monetary methods.
“It would be better not to get them. Then our environment would have been improved. We would have an incentive to improve. Loan is necessary only if it stimulates change,” the expert said.
“If the West gives the loan, it must be reasoned by changes in the system. Otherwise, you can assume that the West benefits from permanent chronic disorder in Ukraine,” he concluded.



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