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Yefremov against amending amnesty law

Posted by the Editor on February 3, 2014

News / 3 February 2014 | 14:34

Yefremov against amending amnesty law

Yefremov against amending amnesty law

Leader of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction, Oleksandr Yefremov considers inappropriate to amend the Law “On Elimination of Negative Consequences and Prevention of Prosecution and Punishment of Persons on Occasion of Events that Took Place during Peaceful Rallies”.
Yefremov believes that if the document will lack the conditions, under which the amnesty law operates, it “will be an empty solution which will give further opportunity to escalate the conflict”.
In addition, he stressed once again that the law was developed jointly with opposition and vacation of administrative buildings is necessary for normal life of regions and the country.
“We voted for the agreed document … And now they say: “Let us abolish this document and vote for another,” he told a briefing, commenting on registration of two bills aimed at amending the amnesty law, ForUm correspondent reports.



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