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Kyiv region leads in agricultural performance

Posted by the Editor on February 3, 2014

News / 3 February 2014 | 14:21

Kyiv region leads in agricultural performance

Kyiv region leads in agricultural performance

Kyiv region is a powerful area of Ukraine with a highly developed agricultural sector. Due to the hard work of the region agrarians in order to implement the Program of economic reforms 2010-2014 “Prosperous Society, Competitive Economy, Effective State”, approved by the President of Ukraine, Kyiv region has taken a leading position among the other regions of Ukraine, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Thus, in recent years the region confidently held the leading position in the production of grain, meat, poultry, eggs, pork, milk, etc. In 2013 the region got record yields in the region’s history, over 3 million tons of food grains and pulse crops (56.3 hundredweight/hectare).
Growth of agricultural production in 2013 was 102.5%, and the volume of production amounted to nearly 15.2 billion UAH. By this index, Kyiv region ranked third among other regions of Ukraine with a 6% share of total production of the gross agricultural output. The metropolitan region ranks sixth by output of products per capita, which is 8,810 UAH.
These results were achieved thanks to the financial support of the state, which is given to the enterprises of all forms of ownership.
In 2013, 9.8 million UAH of financial support were allocated from the state budget for several programs, including 1.7 million UAH for “State support for the livestock industry”, “State support for hop growing, laying out new orchards, vineyards and looking after them”, 585,500 UAH for “Training, retraining, and advanced training of personnel, skill development of agribusiness specialists”, 78,000 UAH for “Rehabilitation and recovery of children of agricultural workers”, and 52,770 UAH for “State support for agricultural advice service.”



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