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Government supports mortgage lending programs

Posted by the Editor on February 3, 2014

News / 3 February 2014 | 15:45

Government supports mortgage lending programs

Government supports mortgage lending programs

According to the government, the State Mortgage Institution (SMI) allocated nearly 740 million UAH to the development of the mortgage market in 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
According to experts, SMI refinanced 603 mortgage loans in the amount of 145.2 million UAH in 2013. In addition, a mortgage portfolio in the amount of 594.4 million UAH was financed for banks. The issued credits will allow over 840 families to buy their own housing. And, SMI has already refinanced almost 30 mortgage loans totaling approximately 6 million UAH since the beginning of 2014.
In general, over 1 billion UAH have been allocated for completion of construction of residential buildings since inception of the SMI in 2011.
For the record, the State Mortgage Institution was established primarily to stimulate the mortgage market. Thus, its daily activities are aimed to help citizens purchase homes at more affordable rates.
Experts say that at present the majority of Ukrainians are primarily interested in cheap ergonomic apartments. That is why the government plans to provide the domestic market with affordable and quality housing, in particular, through a series of social programs facilitating purchase of apartments.
At present, there are several government mortgage programs in Ukraine, experts say. In particular, the program to reduce the cost of mortgage loans (13/3) compensates citizens 13% of the cost of bank credit, the buyer pays only 3% per annum. The state budget for 2014 envisions 300 million UAH to finance this program.
Also ongoing is the State target socio-economic program of construction (purchase) of affordable housing (30/70). Under the terms of the program, the state covers 30% of the cost of new housing. This year the program will receive 538.8 million UAH.


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