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Infrastructure Ministry monitors quality of transportation

Posted by the Editor on January 31, 2014

News / 31 January 2014 | 16:07

Infrastructure Ministry monitors quality of transportation

Infrastructure Ministry monitors quality of transportation

Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure has reported on its performance in 2013 in the area of licensing carriers and inspecting their fleet of vehicles. Over the past year, Ukrtransinspektsiya carried out 3,559 inspections of land transport at their business location.  In total over 205,100 vehicles were inspected, which is up 9% year-on-year, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Some 76,400 violations of the road transport law were found during inspections. They resulted in over 30,400 administrative fines for over 30.8 million UAH. Also 2,111 administration violation reports were put together, which resulted in 1,105 rulings on administrative offenses for over 249,900 UAH. In addition, during 2013 Ukrtransinspektsiya conducted 4,126 inspections of compliance with license conditions, and revoked 2,911 licenses.
The Ministry of Infrastructure say, due to inspections, the quality of trucking services was improved. In particular, in 2013 the number of road accidents because of the licensed transport fell by 33%, mortality – by 32% YOY.
As for licensing activities, Ukrtransinspektsiya issued 6,909 licenses for transportation of passengers and hazardous goods. During 2013 56,577 licensing cards were issued.
Experts also note that the number of international carriers grew in the past year. Ukrtransinspektsiya issued over 694,900 permits in 2013. In particular, carriers were issued 7,914 permits for non-scheduled operations (up 2.2% from 2012) and 3,839 permits for regular passenger transportation by road, which is up 23.4% from 2012. The rest, 683,200 permits were issued to international freight carrier, which is up 9.7% YOY. 
As of Jan. 1, 2014 Ukraine has 43,964 carriers authorized to transport passengers, hazardous cargo and baggage by road who hold 141,376 license cards.


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