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Expert: Nonprofessionals cannot get in NPPs

Posted by the Editor on January 30, 2014

News / 30 January 2014 | 15:40

Expert: Nonprofessionals cannot get in NPPs

Expert: Nonprofessionals cannot get in NPPs

For people who have never undergone special training it would be impossible to seize a nuclear power plant, expert on energy security and former director of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station Valentyn Kupnyi told the roundtable.

“Only God can give 100% guarantee, and not always. Professionals and trained people may be able to enter a power plant, but “people with sick brain” do not stand a chance. Personnel of nuclear power plants, at least of Chernobyl NPP for sure, regularly hold various trainings, including simulated seizure of the plant. Last similar training was held last March. As a result, the guards prevented a simulated terrorist act and also developed a plan on improvement of the security system,” Kupnyi informed.

According to him, in soviet times trainings and simulated seizures were developed and held by KGB officers, now it is SBU to work on similar scenarios. At the same time, the expert noted that the very fact of entering the territory of the plant does not mean it will be possible to sabotage its functioning.

As reported, the enhanced security level has been introduced at all nuclear facilities of Ukraine due to unstable political situation.



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