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“Spilna Sprava” activists leave building of Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry

Posted by the Editor on January 29, 2014

News / 29 January 2014 | 13:39

“Spilna Sprava” activists leave building of Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry

Representatives of the public anti-government movement “Spilna Sprava” leave the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, ForUm correspondent reports.
Some of them go to the Ukrainian House, while others return to the tents in Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square.
It is worth noting that the “Spilna Sprava” activists are concerned about what happened. According to them, there were no negotiations. Activists of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” forced them to leave the premises of the Ministry within half an hour. However, they were ready to peacefully leave the seized premises.
“Members of “Svoboda” used fire traumatic weapon,” one of the activists told ForUm.
In turn, MP from the “Svoboda” faction Eduard Leonov said that “Svoboda” has no relation to shooting in the Ministry’s building. According to him, they were provocateurs.
Meanwhile, Leonov said that the building of the Agrarian Policy Ministry remains under control of protesters, but people won’t live there.



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