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Social security funds remain stable

Posted by the Editor on January 29, 2014

News / 29 January 2014 | 16:57

Social security funds remain stable

Social security funds remain stable

From the beginning of the year the social security funds made insurance payments in the amount of 1.275 billion UAH. The announcement was made by Natalia Korolevskaya, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine. According to her, this amount was paid as of Jan. 24, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Korolevskaya assured that the submission of documents for financing occurs on time, and requested the heads of departments of social security funds to keep any delays under personal control. “It is unacceptable that in difficult economic conditions citizens could not rely on state support,” the minister said.
Korolevskaya also reported that the boards of the funds approved balanced budgets for 2014. She said this would lead to increasing the range of insurance payments. In particular, it concerns growth of expenses for insurance on accidents at work, unemployment insurance, and insurance due to temporary disability.
The minister separately noted that in 2013 social security payments grew year-on-year. “As of Jan. 1, 2014 the social security fund paid 25.840 billion UAH, which is by 3.891 billion UAH more year-on-year. There is no debt for insurance payments over the past year,” she said. 
In particular, the Social Insurance Fund on accidents at work paid 7.268 billion UAH, which is by 1.537 billion UAH more year-on-year, the Social Insurance Fund on temporary disability – 10.807 billion UAH (1.527 billion UAH more year-on-year), the Social Insurance Fund on Unemployment – 7.766 billion UAH (by 803.2 million more year-on-year).



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