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RPI Director: Riots in Ukraine are supported and financed from abroad

Posted by the Editor on January 28, 2014

News / 28 January 2014 | 13:11

RPI Director: Riots in Ukraine are supported and financed from abroad

RPI Director: Riots in Ukraine are supported and financed from abroad

Mass protests in Ukraine are financed by interested parties in the US and Europe, director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Daniel McAdams told in an interview with BTB channel.

“The situation is the streets of Kyiv is an attempt of violent overthrowing of the government. Protesters behave more and more aggressively as they have support of the US and EU  governments. The situation is rooted in the times of Orange Revolution, when the US spent millions of dollars to train and prepare people,” the RPI Director said.

To prove his opinion he proposed to check into activity of some American organizations and funds. “Take USAID for example, the United States Agency for International Development, and check where its money goes,” he said.

Moreover, Daniel McAdams named a number of people in the US, who are deeply involved into the protests in Ukraine. “Senator John McCain, for example, visited Ukraine recently and personally communicated with protesters and opposition, siding with these people who call on violent overthrow of the government, including radicals and extremists. If you do something like that in the US you can be certain you will find yourself behind the bars or worse. Or take Victoria Nuland, who was walking along the streets and treating protesters. Moreover, her husband, Robert Kagan is a McCain’s aide and strongly support various colour revolutions believing that the US has the right to organize them everywhere it sees fit,” the expert said.

In his opinion, such behaviour demonstrates double policy of the US. “The US would never allow such protests to be held on its soil, let alone to be financed from abroad. I do not understand why Yanukovych let these people do this in his country. If a group of people seized the Supreme Court of Energy Ministry, it would be tolerated by the government not even for a minute,” he added.

According to McAdams, organizations involved into mass riots operate not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries where the US plans on “colour revolutions”. “These organizations and funds finance the so-called oppositional mass media, teach protesters various methods and strategies of a “proper” protest, provide protesters with portable stations with internet access to be in touch even when a government tries to block the access”.

McAdams believes that Ukraine has become a hostage of the American-Russian conflict. “The United States still cannot believe that the cold war is over and focuses its foreign policy on Russia trying to find its weak spots. Take for example the speech of McCain’s, when Russia and Georgia were at war. ‘We are all Georgians now’, he said back then trying to pull the US into a nuclear war. However, the problem is that the US does not have all that influence it pretends to have. The US is a bankrupt. We simply cannot afford financing someone’s empires or follow the goals of certain neoconservative,” McAdams summed up.  



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