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Import substitution for building materials reached 80% in 2013

Posted by the Editor on January 28, 2014

News / 28 January 2014 | 15:44

Import substitution for building materials reached 80% in 2013

Import substitution for building materials reached 80% in 2013

The government pays special attention to the development of the construction industry and the implementation of programs of import substitution in the production of building materials. Due to increased volume of construction, creation of new and reconstruction of existing facilities in 2013 in Ukraine, the share of using domestic materials grew by 10% to 80%. Evaluating the medium-term development trend, in 2014 it is expected that the share of domestic materials in construction will reach 85%, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Results from 2013 show some 39% of the building material market segments posting a positive trend. Among the leaders of growth should be noted: block stone market, window and door assembly market (metal and plastic), and thermal insulation materials. Wooden window and door assemblies are among the outsiders.
Experts say the main factor driving the industry of building materials is the volume of construction work performed by contractors, which amounted to 58.9 billion UAH in 2013.
At the same time in 2013, 27.8 billion UAH were spent on construction of buildings, 31 billion UAH – on construction of utilities. The largest scope of construction in 2013 was performed in Kiev (over 12 billion UAH) and Donetsk region (7.7 billion UAH).



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