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Financing of health care in 2014 is highest since independence

Posted by the Editor on January 24, 2014

News / 24 January 2014 | 16:05

Financing of health care in 2014 is highest since independence

Financing of health care in 2014 is highest since independence

The consolidated budget envisages 60.9 billion UAH to be spent on health care in 2014, which is up 6.3%, or 3.6 billion UAH year-on-year, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
Ukraine’s health care will get about 4.9% of GDP (4.5% in 2012) in 2014. Moreover, 85% of the budget will include payments to medical personnel, whereas 15% will be used to purchase medications, to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure.
Experts say the 4.9% GDP funding level is the highest for the health care in Ukraine since independence. It should be noted that the World Health Organization recommends that countries allocate at least 5% of GDP to health care.
The budget for 2014 provides 150 million UAH as bonuses for the amount and quality of work for health care personnel and 140 million UAH for an investment project to supply health care facilities with modern high-tech medical equipment.
The 2014 budget also includes 625 million UAH to continue the upgrade of the fleet of ambulances (the most large-scale upgrade since independence). More ambulances and higher quality of service have been provided due to the Law of Ukraine “On emergency medical care” that came into effect in 2013. The law establishes a social standard for arrival of an ambulance to a patient – 10 minutes in the city and 20 minutes in rural areas.
Once the new ambulances are delivered to the regions, the overall level of equipping with modern cars in Ukraine will double on average and reach 60%. The standard that the Ministry of Health seeks is one ambulance per 10,000 inhabitants. For this, Ukraine needs to have 4,561 ambulances, government experts say.



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