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PGO requires strengthening protection of public order in Kyiv

Posted by the Editor on January 22, 2014

News / 22 January 2014 | 11:45

PGO requires strengthening protection of public order in Kyiv

PGO requires strengthening protection of public order in Kyiv

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine demands to strengthen protection of public order and stop extremism and riots in the center of Kyiv.
Prosecutor General’s Office said that the events of the last hours in Kyiv testify intensification of aggression on the part of the representatives of extremist groups and other associations towards law enforcement agencies and civilians.
“So, during the last night, unknown people broke out doors and windows in several Kyiv dorms and kidnapped people. At this time, the activists blocked the roads, preventing the police from coming to dormitories. During the night more than 50 people were kidnapped,” PGO press office says.
The PGO noted that, according to witnesses, they were severely beaten and taken away in an unknown direction. “Some of them are now in KCSA and the House of Trade Unions,” statement reads.
In addition, the law enforcement authorities thoroughly investigate into shooting dead of two men, whose bodies were found in the night and early this morning.
 “In connection with all the above mentioned facts, the Prosecutor General’s Office urges the organizers of illegal rallies to immediately stop arbitrary actions of participants in the riots, stop intimidation of people of Kyiv, stop resistance to law enforcement. All the people involved in crimes, without exception, will be held criminally responsible in accordance with the effective legislation,” PGO stressed.



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