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Ukroboronprom profits over 0.5 billion UAH in 2013

Posted by the Editor on January 21, 2014

News / 21 January 2014 | 16:20

Ukroboronprom profits over 0.5 billion UAH in 2013

Ukroboronprom profits over 0.5 billion UAH in 2013

The unification of the state owned defense enterprises into a single concern was a successful decision made by the government, as shown by Ukroboronprom’s positive performance in 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
In accordance with Ukrainian Accounting Standards, the Ukroboronprom’s participating companies (134 Ukrainian defense enterprises in total) received a net profit in the amount of 522 million UAH in 2013.
The annual growth of production at the enterprises was 22% YOY. On the whole, the production of the state concern amounted to 12.97 billion UAH in 2013. Sales grew by 17% (up to 14.95 billion UAH). It is noteworthy that even very unprofitable enterprises demonstrated growth.
Thus, during the year manufacturers of air defense systems, radar equipment, missiles and artillery, and communications were able to overcome the crisis and end the period with a total profit of 7.5 million UAH, as opposed to losses of 62 million UAH in the first half of 2012.
The total growth of the average salary at the concern enterprises was 10% (3,276 UAH). All outstanding salaries have been paid in full, and work efficiency increased by 31%.
Experts point out that this positive financial dynamics indicates that Ukroboronprom enterprises have a sufficient technical and scientific capacity to uphold the Ukraine’s high positions among the world’s leading arms exporters and to become a backbone of the Ukrainian economy. After all, the Ukrainian Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is performing 60 modern hi-tech projects. It has a unique technology in the field of radar equipment, air defense, missile and artillery systems, and active armored protection. In addition, domestic MIC experts were able to create a system of precision destruction, which is unparalleled in other countries.



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