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Ukraine can play key role in overcoming hunger in the world

Posted by the Editor on January 21, 2014

News / 21 January 2014 | 12:17

Ukraine can play key role in overcoming hunger in the world

Ukraine can play key role in overcoming hunger in the world

Ukraine can play a key role in overcoming the hunger in the world, said Alexander Sen, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, at a panel discussion “Eastern Europe as a key region to meet the challenges of food security” held in the framework of exhibition “Green Week 2014” in Berlin, Germany, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
It is difficult to overestimate the powerful potential of domestic AIC, as figures speak for themselves: in the first half of 2013/2014 marketing year, Ukraine exported 18.5 million tons of grain, versus forecast of 33 million tons over the year. The volume of supply this year exceeds the supply statistics of 2012 by 20%. The government policy of supporting AIC development, program of creating the favorable conditions for investors in agriculture, and support of domestic farmers help the AIC show good results over many years.
As Ukraine is fully self-sufficient, external supply of agricultural products is growing every year. “Ukraine is fully self-sufficient in terms of food. Also, there are major supplies of agricultural products to foreign markets. Therefore, the role of Ukraine in ensuring the global food security is quite significant. Also, we have a great potential for increase of output. And, as domestic food consumption will not growth significantly, it can be directed for export,” said Alexander Sen.
Sen said volume of direct investment in agricultural sector is growing. “Simplified system of state regulation creates ideal conditions for investment,” said the depuy minister. 
Due to the government’s efforts, domestic agriculture gets a unique opportunity to become one of the key suppliers to Chinese markets. Efforts in European direction are accelerating as well, in mid-January alone, agreements on intensified agro-industrial cooperation with Germany, Lithuania, and Canada were signed. Attraction of powerful foreign investors in Ukrainian AIC will strengthen the Ukraine’s position on the world agricultural market.



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