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1.48 billion UAH brought to budget from privatization

Posted by the Editor on January 20, 2014

News / 20 January 2014 | 12:57

1.48 billion UAH brought to budget from privatization

1.48 billion UAH brought to budget from privatization

The state budget revenues from privatization exceeded the plan by 101.7% last year. Since early 2014, the plan for income from lease of state property was completed by 5.3%, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
In 2013, the State Property Fund of Ukraine exceeded targets in all areas of its activity. The revenue from privatization and other forms of activities totaled 112.7%.
The annual plan for dividends from government stocks, shares and shares of companies, under the management of the SPF was exceeded by 178.8%. Dividends amounted to 125.2 million UAH versus planned 70 million UAH.
Income from letting state property totaled 1.054 billion UAH versus planned 835 million UAH. The budget target was fulfilled by 126.26%.
The amount that the general fund of the State Budget received from sale of state property and income associated with the privatization process totaled 1.48 billion UAH. The budget target for funds from privatization in 2013 was fulfilled by 101.7%.
According to the Decree of the Cabinet dated December 4, 2013 “On increasing volume of funding sources of the State Budget in 2013”, the planned target to fill the budget from privatization and the accompanying processes totals 1.45 billion UAH.
Last year, the State Property Fund sold 60.8% of Donbassenergo shares for 718.9 million UAH, Kerch Shipyard (34 million UAH), 75% of energy supplier Volynoblenergo for 462 million UAH, blocking shares in five coal preparation plants for 111.9 million UAH.
For this year, the task for the lease of state property totals 840 million UAH. In the first week of 2014, the state budget  received 44.5 million UAH, or 5.3% of the annual target.



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