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Bills taken yesterday may be finalized

Posted by the Editor on January 17, 2014

News / 17 January 2014 | 12:15

Bills taken yesterday may be finalized

Bills taken yesterday may be finalized

Members of the Party of Regions admit that the laws, adopted on January 16, may be amended. 
“When the Verkhovna Rada will start work according to the rules, we can go back to these laws and to finalize them,” MP from the Party of Regions faction Dmytro Svyatash said.
According to him, if on Thursday, January 16, sitting of the Verkhovna Rada had passed a “natural, normal, parliamentary way, then, surely, those laws would have been adopted in the first reading, and wouldn’t have been passed as a whole”.
“It would be so as there is a provision of the law on the regulations. The opposition would have raised their hands and said, “We have some remarks to these bills “. And we would not have voted as a whole,” the politician said.


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