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Government encourages public to fight corruption

Posted by the Editor on January 16, 2014

News / 16 January 2014 | 13:49

Government encourages public to fight corruption

Government encourages public to fight corruption

The Cabinet at its meeting approved changes to Decree 1240 dated 28.11.2011 “On approval of the State program to prevent and fight corruption in 2011-2015”, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
As experts of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine note, the aim of the changes is to identify officials responsible for coordination and performance of the Program activities in each executive agency. This will improve the efficiency and quality of the implementation of measures to fight corruption.
Due to the lack of clearly fixed responsibility of specific officials for the coordination and implementation of the program activities, a lot of actions are taken by today the government agencies at their discretion. They do not necessarily accord with each other.
An important modification of the program to prevent and fight corruption concerns the issue of attracting the public to the annual progress review of its implementation. Results of the review should be included in the subject progress report.
Such a review, experts say, should be a compulsory part of the information about the progress of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2011-2015 approved by the President of Ukraine.
In addition, the program proposes to increase the number of activities that must be implemented with the involvement of the public.
Representatives of non-governmental organizations view positively these changes, as many of them are monitoring the fight against corruption in the country.



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