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Electronic signature system is constantly improving

Posted by the Editor on January 15, 2014

News / 15 January 2014 | 14:57

Electronic signature system is constantly improving

Electronic signature system is constantly improving

Ukraine is establishing an efficient national system of electronic digital signature, which is comparable with the best foreign counterparts and is compliant with international standards. The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, along with Administration of State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, issued the decree “On approval of requirements for algorithms, formats, and interfaces to be implemented in encryption media and reliable means of electronic digital signature”, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
The document approves requirements for encryption algorithms, as well as requirements for transportation containers of personal keys for electronic digital signature and encryption. Also, it regulates the interface requirements for cryptographic protection of information.
Experts say the decree will promote technological compatibility of software and hardware systems at the accredited certification centers, companies and organizations related to development, production, testing, and operation of electronic digital signatures used in the electronic document management systems. The normative act will also establish the standards for confidentiality of information. According to experts, the system of electronic signature will also contribute to increased use of electronic document management.
In 2013, the Accredited Certification Center of Electronic Keys at the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine registered 465,400 individuals, who were provided with 541,100 digital signatures. Of those, there were 138,000 legal entities, which were provided with 353,400 keys. The total number of keys for electronic signatures issued by the Certification Center exceeded 895,000. In 2013, the Center received about 50,000 applications for the electronic keys, which is double that of 2012. According to experts, the most common category of clients includes individuals, they applied for 77% of all issued electronic signatures.



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