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Azarov demands hold medical examinations of pupils until April 10

Posted by the Editor on January 14, 2014

News / 14 January 2014 | 11:35

Azarov demands hold medical examinations of pupils until April 10

Azarov demands hold medical examinations of pupils until April 10

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov demands that medical examinations of pupils until April 10 be definitely carried out. 
As ForUm learned from the cabinet’s press office, the relevant order Prime Minister gave after hearing at the working meeting of the Ministry of Health that currently health is checked in 96.5% of the pupils.
Mykola Azarov stressed that medical examinations should detect the disease in its early stages, when symptoms of diseases can only see specialists. 
Early diagnosis helps to maintain the health of children. That is why the Government last year, after a long discussion, decided to return the mandatory medical examinations of pupils as in medical institutions as in schools. For this purpose medical-pedagogical commissions were created that with consent of parents check the health of children, directly in schools.
Such attendances are especially urgent to remote settlements. As of today there are 4500 rural schools in Ukraine where less than 100 children study. They are mostly located in remote small settlements where there are no clinics, and to carry out health checks in schools – a real opportunity to fully check the health of schoolchildren without spending time and money to travel to district hospitals.
“All children should pass medical examinations. There should be no selectivity, the Prime Minister stressed. – It’s not just the work of physicians. This is children’s health. And we must help parents, particularly those who are in certain difficult circumstances”.
According to the Ministry of Health, preventive measures give very serious results. In particular, thanks to early detection and timely treatment it was managed on average by 15 percent to lower a level of morbidity of pupils’ vision and hearing loss, musculoskeletal system.



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