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Ukraine ranks 62nd in ICT rating

Posted by the Editor on January 13, 2014

News / 13 January 2014 | 16:30

Ukraine ranks 62nd in ICT rating

Ukraine ranks 62nd in ICT rating

Ukraine ranks 62 in the world rating of use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. In fact, it has moved up 40 positions in this area over the past three years, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
“Five years ago Ukraine was on the presumption of the first hundred countries by use of ICT in education processes. Today, Ukraine holds 62nd position, having moved 40 positions up for the last three years. It is ICT technologies that must place the Ukrainian education on a new quality orbit,” Dmytro Tabachnik, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, said.
According to the Ministry of Education and Science, 2,700 school computer classes were equipped last year. The number of student was 32 per computer in early 2010, whereas it was 21 in late 2013.
The first phase of the “Open World” National Project was completed last August. At that time, 54 schools had access to the Internet, tablets, netbooks, digital laboratories for chemistry, biology and physics, interactive multimedia systems. Government analysts say that the ministry plans to complete the full computerization and provide Internet connection for Ukrainian schools by 2015.
The national project “Open World” is implemented by the State Agency for Investment and National Projects under the patronage of the president. The “Open World” is aimed to modernize the education system of Ukraine, educate highly advanced technical experts and enhance the country’s competitiveness. This project is particularly important for rural schools, where over 40% of students do not have a home computer.
“The level and quality of education, on par with European schools, will ensure highly trained graduates with a broad outlook. The only way to educate such a competitive graduate is to use modern information and communication technologies,” Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul said.



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