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Supreme Court chairman asks police to protect judges

Posted by the Editor on January 13, 2014

News / 13 January 2014 | 12:18

Supreme Court chairman asks police to protect judges

Supreme Court chairman asks police to protect judges

Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romaniuk appealed to the citizens and the law enforcement agencies with the official position of the judiciary with respect to holding mass events near Sviatoshynsky district court in Kyiv.
“The independent court is inherent feature of any democratic country. The independence of judges is not so much our need, but the need of the citizens for exercising their constitutional right through a fair trial,” Romaniuk stressed.
According to him, Ukraine’s judiciary is alarmed by the events happening lately in the country. In particular, the mass protests near the court buildings prevent normal operation of the court and aim to persuade officials to adopt the procedural decision for the benefit of certain trial participants.
“Just yesterday, an attempt of physical violence was committed in Sviatoshynsky district court in Kyiv, when a group of people, dissatisfied with the court’s ruling, tried to use physical violence against a judge, rather than to appeal the decision as provided by law,” Romaniuk said.
The chairman appealed to the authorities and law enforcement agencies with a request to take measures to ensure that such situations do not occur in future.



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