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Clashes near Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district court

Posted by the Editor on January 13, 2014

News / 13 January 2014 | 10:59

Clashes near Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district court

Clashes near Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district court

Over ten activists, three MPs and several journalists were seriously injured after Berkut riot police used force outside Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district court and Sviatoshynsky district police department of police.
Protesters were outraged by the verdict passed by Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district court, which sentenced three men each to six years in prison for planning to blow up the monument to Lenin in Boryspil in 2011, and started the rally.
Leader of the Third Ukrainian Republic Yuriy Lutsenko was beaten during the clash.
In turn, acting head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kyiv Valeriy Mazan said that police officers, who guarded the persons convicted of terrorism, had a legitimate reason for the use of weapons, when the offenders were trying to capture the convoy special vehicle. 



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