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Cabinet drafts concept of rural development

Posted by the Editor on January 6, 2014

News / 6 January 2014 | 11:50

Cabinet drafts concept of rural development

Cabinet drafts concept of rural development

The Agrarian Policy Ministry drafts a concept of rural development for the period up to 2025, which will ensure the maximum development of rural areas in all regions, agrarian policy and food minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk stated, the press service of the Agrarian Policy Ministry reported.
“President Viktor Yanukovych noted that solution of problems concerning rural development should be a separate issue for the state. Indeed, there are more than 28 thousand rural settlements in Ukraine, where the third part of population lives. Of course, the development of these areas is not just an issue of agriculture. However, the government, in particular, the Agrarian Policy Ministry, continues to work on resolving this issue,” Prysiazhniuk said.
The minister said that the Agrarian Policy Ministry continues to develop a new conceptual document. “We are working on a project for rural development concept. This document covers the period up to 2025. It will differ from previous similar programs. In particular, after the adoption of this document the local rural development strategies will be worked out. They will be adopted by the relevant local councils,” Prysiazhniuk noted.


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