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New standards for children’s nutrition approved

Posted by the Editor on December 30, 2013

News / 30 December 2013 | 14:32

New standards for children's nutrition approved

New standards for children’s nutrition approved

The standards that help better meet the specific needs of the growing human system have been established for educational and health institutions of Ukraine. Children will now receive meals according to the needs of their age, as well as according to increased energy consumption  in places of rest and rehabilitation, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
On Dec. 25 the Cabinet approved the Resolution “On amending resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated Nov. 22, 2004, ¹ 1591,” which sets new nutritional standards for children in educational, health institutions and vacation centers. The resolution introduces special domestic standards of average daily nutrition for children who stay  in rehabilitation and recreation institutions.
The new standards take into account that a  typical regimen for children that stay in rehabilitation and recreation institutions consists of a number of physical and emotional loads during the day, which begin with morning exercises, then – creative work in clubs or educational process in the offseason. Also, children are actively involved in a variety of sporting and cultural events, which is a considerable physical strain for a child’s body.
Government experts indicate that an important aspect of the revision is introduction of standards with due account of the different age groups in line with the location of the child. In particular, standards for children of 7-10, 8-14, 11-17 and 12-17 years of age have been updated. Under the new standards, a diet with maximum energy value of 4263 kcal has been established, whereas the previous requirement was 3,500 kcal.



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