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Ukrainians will learn about progress of 2014 reforms

Posted by the Editor on December 27, 2013

News / 27 December 2013 | 13:05

Ukrainians will learn about progress of 2014 reforms

Ukrainians will learn about progress of 2014 reforms

The government passed a decree “On organization of information and clarification campaign to support implementation of the Program of economic reforms for 2010-2014 ‘Prosperous society, competitive economy and effective state’ in 2014,” the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
According to authors of the document, the Program is aimed to build a modern, stable, open and globally competitive economy, to shape a professional and effective state governance, and consequently, to improve the welfare of Ukrainian citizens.
The decree will ensure that the Program is promoted with public in 2014, that information is disclosed about the progress of the program with involvement of ministers and heads of central executive bodies. In his decree, the president identified leaders by discipline who will supervise implementation of the Program.
The promotion campaign for the National Action Plan for the Program has been extended for 2014. In accordance with Item 4 of the Action Plan,  schedules of officials’ participation in the media events will be developed and submitted to the Cabinet on a quarterly basis.
In particular, they will appear as guests on the TV shows “Viewpoint,” “Bottom line,” “Secrets of Success,” on the First National Channel of the National Television Company of Ukraine, as well as in the “Agenda” and “Open Studio” shows produced by the National Radio Company of Ukraine. Other media events will be organized by the Ukrainian National Information Agency “Ukrinform” and the newspaper “Governmental Courier.”



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