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Government supports domestic production of agricultural machinery

Posted by the Editor on December 27, 2013

News / 27 December 2013 | 14:23

Government supports domestic production of agricultural machinery

Government supports domestic production of agricultural machinery

At the government meeting on the progress of the State Program for Activation of Economic Development 2013-2014, the Ministries were given a number of assignments to support domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
In particular, Mykhailo Korolenko, Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, was instructed to draft amendment to the Law of Ukraine “On stimulation of domestic engineering for AIC” to update the definition of the localization degree, and to submit the proposal to the Cabinet by January 22, 2014.
In turn, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Revenue and Duties were instructed to develop within one month and submit to the Cabinet proposals on procedure and conditions for granting the state guarantees for non-state enterprises to ensure performance of state orders for manufacture of agricultural machinery, as defined by the State Program, and to attract investments for that.
Also a number of instructions were given to close topical issues and within a week to submit to the Cabinet an action plan to support development of the domestic market of agricultural machinery, to increase production and procurement of competitive domestic made machines, to attract investments for their manufacture, including through joint ventures.
Government analysts note that a priority was given to procurement of complex agricultural machinery, particularly tractors, combine harvesters, domestic grain cleaning and drying equipment, and supplying it to agricultural producers through leasing.



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