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Sociologist: Ukrainians consider themselves happy

Posted by the Editor on December 26, 2013

News / 26 December 2013 | 16:21

Sociologist: Ukrainians consider themselves happy

Sociologist: Ukrainians consider themselves happy

Ukrainians consider themselves happy, sociologist Yevhen Kopatko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.
“We are conducting research on happiness index of Ukrainians. Our fellow citizens mostly feel happy. Our respondents identified two main feelings, experienced throughout this year – hope and anxiety,” Kopatko says.
According to him, more than 40 % of Ukrainians hope that year 2014 will be more successful for the country than year 2013.
“There are no significant changes in political ratings, and those published are not in favor of the opposition. Ratings are not widely published, because now there are more risks than opportunities. Most Ukrainians believe that the way out of the political crisis can be found through consensus,” he adds.
 “If to refer to the data of sociological research, Ukrainians believe that the most remarkable events in 2013 were EuroMaidan, Russian agreements, Vilnius summit and 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyiv-Rus,” the sociologist said.



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