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Police detain two attackers on journalist Chornovil

Posted by the Editor on December 26, 2013

News / 26 December 2013 | 10:12

Police detain two attackers on journalist Chornovil

Police detain two attackers on journalist Chornovil

Law enforcement officers have identified three persons involved in an attack on journalist Tetiana Chornovil, and two of them have been detained, interior minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko declared.
“Three people who were involved in the attack on the social activist have been identified. Two of them were arrested. Investigative actions are being conducted with them,” the ministry’s public relations department quoted Zakharchenko as saying.
According to him, the police are also trying to establish a motive for the attack on Chornovil and are searching for the third person involved in the crime.
“I personally control the investigation into an assault on Tetiana Chornovil. We have developed a strong investigative team made up of the best investigators and employees of operational units,” the interior minister said.
It is regrettable that law enforcement officials could not study the video record from Chornovil’s car immediately, however three individuals involved in the beating were identified in less than 24 hours, the minister said.
“The Interior Ministry is interested that all persons involved in this crimes are found and detained as quickly as possible in order to establish the events of this night and to hold responsible those guilty,” the Interior Ministry said.



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