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Kyiv’s leadership complains about opposition

Posted by the Editor on December 26, 2013

News / 26 December 2013 | 12:35

Kyiv's leadership complains about opposition

Kyiv’s leadership complains about opposition

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has held a meeting with First Deputy Head of Kyiv CSA Anatoliy Holubchenko and Deputy Kyiv Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council Halyna Hereha. In the course of the meeting, the parties have discussed the payment of wages to Kyiv public sector employees, the press service of the President reported.
“We will solve this situation. Soothe the heads of enterprises responsible for timely wage payment. We will do everything for the wages to be paid on time. Despite the existing obstacles, we must solve this issue,” the Head of State noted.
After the meeting, Deputy Kyiv Mayor – Secretary of Kyiv City Council Halyna Hereha emphasized that on Tuesday, in the course of the session of Kyiv City Council, it had been planned to consider 5 extremely important social issues on amendments to the budget and the program of socio-economic development related to the payment of wages to public sector employees and transport workers as well as perks for teachers and medical workers.
“We have failed to discuss these issues because opposition representatives have disrupted the plenary session. I had to close it. We have considered only the first issue of the agenda,” Hereha said.
“The President supports us because Kyiv citizens cannot be hostages of the political situation,” Hereha noted.
At the same time, First Deputy Head of Kyiv CSA Anatoliy Holubchenko noted that the disruption of yesterday’s session of Kyiv City Council had become the reason of the meeting with the President. “We have initiated the meeting and the President has responded so promptly that we have received an opportunity to complete the settlement of this extremely important issue,” Holubchenko said.
“I have never been engaged in the big politics. In fact, I have been engaged in household my whole life. I clearly understand that we must supply heat, hot and cold water, collect garbage, give Kyiv citizens an opportunity to drive through the city and buy New Year presents. Today, they cannot do that. As a government, we must make everything possible for them to feel good in Kyiv where the Verkhovna Rada, the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and all the politicians work. We are responsible for Kyiv citizens,” he stressed.



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