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Titanium ore exports increased

Posted by the Editor on December 25, 2013

News / 25 December 2013 | 16:40

Titanium ore exports increased

Titanium ore exports increased

From January to November 2013, Ukraine increased exports of titanium ores and concentrate by 41.2% year-on-year, to 325,957 tons, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
According to the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, in the 11 months of 2013 export of titaniferous ores and concentrate grew by 28.8%, to 102.623 million USD.
The main exports of titanium ores were made to Russia (29.5%), China (20.12%) and the UK (19.83%).
During the same period, Ukraine imported 20,301 tons of titaniferous ores and concentrate. In money terms, import of raw material grew by 43.6%, to 3.991 million USD, and 93.76% of supplies were from Egypt. There was no import of titaniferous raw material in May-August and October 2013, and supplies in November made up a small share of imports.
For comparison, the experts remind that in 2012 Ukraine increased exports of titaniferous ores and concentrate by 31.5% year-on-year, to 266.019 tons, in monetary terms -by 65.6%, to 93.964 million USD. Exports were mainly made to Russia, China and the United States.
Also last year, Ukraine imported 30,114 tons of titaniferous ores and concentrate, which is by 3.6 times more year-on-year. In money terms, imports grew by 5.2 times, to 7.169 million USD. The greatest supplies were made from Egypt, China and India.



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