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High Specialized Court: Rallies’ participants can’t be amnestied

Posted by the Editor on December 25, 2013

News / 25 December 2013 | 10:11

High Specialized Court: Rallies' participants can't be amnestied

High Specialized Court: Rallies’ participants can’t be amnestied

The Law of Ukraine “On Elimination of Negative Consequences and Prevention of Pursuing and Punishment of Persons Regarding the Events that Took Place in the Course of Peaceful Rallies” cannot be applied in practice due to lack of mechanisms for its implementation.
This is stated in comments of member of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, deputy chairman of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases Pavlo Hvozdyk, posted on the official website of the Court.
Hvozdyk refers to the fact that the Law of 19 December 2013 does not clearly define the persons to whom it applies, because the use of the term “participants in rallies and mass events” does not determine what people should be considered as such.
It is also unclear what mass events are meant in the law.
“The law stipulates actually a new kind of relief from criminal responsibility, which is not provided for by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. As a consequence, the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine lacks the procedure for its application,” Hvozdyk said.



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