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Mykolaiv to receive 4 billion USD by 2020

Posted by the Editor on December 24, 2013

News / 24 December 2013 | 14:40

Mykolaiv to receive 4 billion USD by 2020

Mykolaiv to receive 4 billion USD by 2020

Closer ties with Russian Federation will help develop the Mykolaiv region. Gas tankers for the Arctic shelf that is currently developed by Russia, will be built at Mykolaiv plants. Other regions will also receive additional funds, jobs and progressive development, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers informs.
14 documents were signed at the 6th meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian interstate commission, which marked a new milestone of industrial cooperation. Partnerships and good neighborliness are confirmed by the uniting and strengthening of economic ties which will have the most positive impact on the Ukrainian economy in the nearest future.
Yuriy Boyko, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine elaborated on the results of the meeting at the “Shuster Live” show. “I believe that the result of the 6th meeting of the interstate commission held in Moscow is positive. We have strengthened our economic ties, got the opportunity to further develop industrial cooperation, create jobs, reduce tension in gas-related issues. We have received an opportunity to further develop the economy as a whole,” Boyko said.
Both parties are convinced that the turnover should be quickly increased. The instruction of President Viktor Yanukovych to improve turnover, was accomplished, Boyko said. “The president set a task to work out two directions: eliminate restrictions on trade and economic cooperation, firstly, of course, to resolve the gas issue, which has been holding up our relationship. Secondly, to start projects on industrial cooperation, particularly in high-tech industries, an impetus was given to development of industry, jobs, taxes, the impetus for the entire economy of the country,” the deputy prime minister said. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin supports the aspirations of good neighborliness. According to him, the plan for simplification of protective and anti-dumping measures would significantly increase the supply of Ukrainian exports to Russia and other countries of the Customs Union. “The industrial enterprises of Ukraine will get a significant load increase, additional jobs will be created”, he said.



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