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Ukrainians buy more cars

Posted by the Editor on December 23, 2013

News / 23 December 2013 | 15:48

Ukrainians buy more cars

Ukrainians buy more cars

For 11 months of 2013, Ukraine has imported more cars than in the entire 2012. Introduction of the disposal duty did not significantly affect the growth of imports. This is proven by statistics from the Ministry of Revenue and Duties. According to the ministry, from September to November 2013, Ukraine has imported 48,000 cars for a total of 662.2 million USD, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.
Experts say there was a dip in supply during September. This was due to low demand because of excessive imports, they say. 
However, in October, the situation stabilized. According to Ministry of Revenue and Duties, Ukraine imported almost 14,000 vehicles for 242.2 million USD in October 2013. And in November, this amount reached 27,000 for 284 million USD.
While maintaining a positive dynamics, the December imports will exceed the figures for December 2012, analysts predict.
Experts remind that for 11 months of 2013, the imports of cars in Ukraine have already exceeded the same of the whole year 2012. From January to November 2013, Ukraine imported 289,300 cars for a total value of 3.4 billion USD against 205,000 vehicles for 3.247 billion USD in the year 2012.
According to the latest data, the new passenger vehicles are in higher demand. For 11 months in 2013, 160,000 new vehicles have been imported to Ukraine, for 2.7 billion USD.
Ukraine has also imported 11,100 new trucks for 208 million USD, which, however, was offset by the supply of used cars. From January to October 2013, 114,000 second hand trucks for 448.3 million USD hit Ukrainian roads.



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