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Ukraine, EU work together for effective migration policy

Posted by the Editor on December 20, 2013

News / 20 December 2013 | 17:00

Ukraine, EU work together for effective migration policy

Ukraine, EU work together for effective migration policy

The Cabinet on Dec. 18 approved a draft agreement on financing of the program “Support to Ukraine in managing of migration processes and granting asylum” in the framework of closer ties with the EU, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.
The total program cost is estimated at 28 million EUR and will be fully funded by the EU. The program budget will be distributed to three tasks. 4 million EUR will be granted to improve the legal and political foundations of Ukraine’s migration policy, 8 million EUR to strengthen effectiveness of migration services, and 16 million EUR to improve infrastructure of the migration service.
Experts note that the need for this migration program stems from the EU requirements for visa-free dialogue – in terms of cancellation of short-term visas, as well as from improvement of Ukrainian immigration laws in compliance with the EU standards and upgrading coverage for 211,000 illegal immigrants who now live in Ukraine.
Also, the EU migration policy in the context of increasing dialogue with Ukraine is dictated by today’s international realities.  Massive migration flows from poor Asian and African countries seek to reach prosperous countries of Europe pushed by the globalization processes. Due to its geographical location, Ukraine is an active migration corridor.



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