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Government approves Local Development Program

Posted by the Editor on December 20, 2013

News / 20 December 2013 | 12:49

Government approves Local Development Program

Government approves Local Development Program

At the meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013, the Cabinet approved the public-oriented Stage III of Local Development Program. The European Commission and UN Development Program provide funding in the amount of 23.8 million EUR. The third stage focused on mobilization of public for implementation of priority tasks within the Program, will take place in 2014-2017, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.
The main goal of Stage III, just like the previous two, is creation of favorable environment for stable socio-economic development of communities in towns and villages of Ukraine, as well as in Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Basic methodology of the effort is to promote the self-organization of communities and develop/implement the small community initiatives based on self-organization.
For adequate and most favorable solution of issues faced by communities on a daily basis in towns and villages of Ukraine, the government decree highlighted some of the most significant levels of problem solving. In particular, at this stage, attention of public, local government, and state government bodies will be focused on solving housing issues. Furthermore, the government calls for active use of innovative practice and technology for involving of public in local development. Thus, to create a favorable and stable socio-economic environment in communities, the government will support small economic (agricultural and non-agricultural) initiatives. So, the public itself will guide the development of its region depending on the growing needs of rural population.
The agreed amount shall be allocated for each of four components at third stage of the Program. In particular, 6 million EUR will be allocated for promotion of approach focused on public needs. 2.4 million EUR will be allocated for support of small economic initiatives in rural areas. 13 million EUR will be allocated to improve efficiency of urban housing. 2.4 million EUR will be allocated to introduce innovations and new technologies at municipal level.
Experts note that social mobilization is an integral part of developing the operational practice of democratic self-government. It also represents a multi-step process of gathering the necessary knowledge and potential for life improvement at the local level. In the future, self-government practice introduced at the moment will have the most positive impact on lives of future generations and their ability to arrange support for socio-economic initiatives.



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