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Yanukovych wants to cooperate with CIS in fight against terrorism

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2013

News / 30 September 2013 | 15:24

Yanukovych wants to cooperate with CIS in fight against terrorism

Yanukovych wants to cooperate with CIS in fight against terrorism

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on Ukraine’s joining the treaty on cooperation between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the fight against terrorism.
According to an explanatory note to the bill, which has been posted on the Web site of the parliament, the cooperation of CIS member states in the fight against terrorism is currently regulated by a statute on the organization and conduct of joint counterterrorism measures in the territories of the CIS countries, Interfax-Ukraine reported.
A protocol on the approval of the statute was ratified by Ukraine on April 7, 2004 with some reservations, according to which Ukraine’s participation in the joint counterterrorist activities is carried out through assisting in the relocation of special counterterrorist units, the transportation of arms, while the country provides its servicemen and funds exclusively in compliance with its national legislation.
Meanwhile, the bill suggests that Ukraine won’t apply those provisions and articles of the CIS treaty on cooperation in the fight against terrorism, which establish the grounds and conditions for sending special counterterrorist units to provide practical assistance in the fight against terrorism.


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