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Ukraine to benefit from observer status in EEC

Posted by the Editor on May 31, 2013

News / 31 May 2013 | 16:46

Ukraine to benefit from observer status in EEC

Ukraine to benefit from observer status in EEC

Ukraine is the first to benefit from its presence in the Eurasian Economic Commission of the Customs Union as an observer, EEC minister for industry and agriculture Sergei Sidorsky said in exclusive commentary to ForUm correspondent in Minsk.

The official said that any extension of trade area and access to foreign markets gives the CU a positive effect. “The presence of Ukraine as an observer, as agreed at the last meeting of the presidents in Astana, will be useful primarily for Ukraine,” he said.
He also added that Kyiv today constantly refers to the EEC with the proposals to make concessions and allow it trading as business entities trade in the CU. “This refers to ferrous metals, coal, generally the movement of goods in our Ukrainian customs space. So it’s a great promising potential for Ukraine, which may be opened while working in the Customs Union. For us, this is a clear vision of the future integration opportunities,” Sidorsky said.

He specified that in the I quarter of 2013, total investment volume in the CIS increased by 3%, cargo transportation (excluding pipelines) – by 1.9%, retail trade turnover – by 5.9%.


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